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 Finding JV Partners (eBook + SalesLetter)

Are you ready to learn how to find a willing JV partner that can actually produce substantial results for you is half the battle?!

"Finding JV Partners" guide will show you where to find a great joint venture partnership!


1 - Getting Started with Video Marketing and What you Need
- In this video, you will understand how to setup a marketing plan. Whatever you choose, the author want to show you what successful video producers are doing to make their video series viral, so that you can also see how to do it.  You'll also learn what you need to know and have before we get started.

2 - How to Upload Your Video to a video site
- In this video the author will show you a 3 step process and after you see this, you will think, "this is easy!"  Uploading your video to Youtube is so easy, but there are several pieces of the puzzle you'll need to put together before you upload your videos...

3 - How to Upload Your Video(s) to Multiple Sites
- Uploading your video to Youtube and other video sites normally take about 4-5 minutes, and if you think about it, uploading videos to 10 sites can be equivalent to more than an hour.  Or it can be equivalent to less than 15 minutes!  In this video you will be pointed to two different sites that help you upload your video to multiple sites without you having to upload to each one yourself.

4 - How to Embed Video into Your Website or Blog
- So here's the part most of you may feel a bit technophobic about, but it doesn't need to be that way.  In fact, in this video you will learn how to setup your player and add it to your website or blog with a few shortcuts and tips you'll like.

5 - Tracking your statistics
- Many video producers make the mistake of jumping on the video marketing bandwagon and not tracking their statistics.  Let this not be you! Not knowing if your video is converting leaves room for lots of failure and lots of wasted time. So in this video, you will see how to track your statistics easily so you know who is viewing your views in detail.

6 - How to Monetize your Videos (Adsense, Preselling, etc).
- There are several quick and easy ways in which you can make money with your videos. The author will give you several ideas on how to go about this as well as showing you in more depth the art of using videos to presell affiliate products or even your own.


"Complete Video Course Reveals :
WORDPRESS Money Making Secrets"

Expert Marketer Shows You In A Step By Step Guide How To Use Wordpress to Maximize Your Earnings And Rapidly Create Profit Pulling Site After Profit Pulling Site

Each video shows you an additional technique to easily and simply make real money with Wordpress. Use one technique, use several - or use them all!

This powerful video program will show you step by step exactly how to install, configure, setup and use Wordpress as a money making platform.

With everything you will learn in this course you will have your profit pulling website up and running in just a couple of hours.

You can start benefiting from these incredible videos today and start to use Wordpress to make money, create membership sites and rank high in the search engines.

You can make money with Wordpress every single day, and set your business on autopilot. Imagine have streams of passive income from your Wordpress blogs, earning you money effortlessly day, after day, after day.

So what are you going to learn in this powerful video course?

Installing Wordpress

Video 1 - Installation Of Wordpress 8m 16s

Configuring Wordpress

Video 2 - Configuring Wordpress
10m 04

Wordpress themes

Video 3 - Picking A Theme
3m 19s

Wordpress Themes

Video 4 - Uploading Themes
1m 54

Customising a wordpress theme

Video 5 - Customise Your Theme
4m 38s

Wordpress settings

Video 6 - Wordpress Settings
7m 55s

Wordpress spam prevention

Video 7 - Protection Against Spam
5m 52s

Wordpress google sitemap

Video 8 - How To Get Indexed In Minutes
7m 07s

Making money with wordpress

Video 9 - Monetizing Your Blog
9m 22s

Backing up wordpress

Video 10 - Backing Up Your Blog
12m 11s

Social networking wordpress

Video 11 - Socialising Wordpress
7m 42s

Wordpress plugins

Video 12 - More Plugins
8m 32s

More wordpress plugins

Video 13 - Even More Plugins
11m 34s


This brand new, 172 minute video course will take you by the hand and guide you step by step through getting hundreds of visitors from web 2.0 techniques.


In this video series,you will learn what you need to get started, how to take those dull, boring private label articles and make them so exciting that they will stand out! It doesn't matter if you didn't take writing classes or have a degree in English. What matters is you have the drive to succeed.

Ready for more? You see...these professionally produced videos will show you some quick tips to finding profitable affiliate programs that you can promote along with your articles.

Whether you want to build your list, promote your own product or service, or promote someone else's product, then this video series is a �must see� for you.

In this video series, you'll learn the shortcuts you need to get started producing articles that will drive traffic to your website fast! The videos are easy to follow and straight to the point because no one wants to listen to long videos that are filled with fluff; and end up wasting your time!

Even if your already know a little about article marketing, you can learn some new shortcuts that will help you reach your goals faster!

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